About Us

Welcome to the XMPie Marketplace, an online resource designed to support users in the creation of personalized marketing projects. It features a store offering a library of uImage templates available for purchase and download by XMPie users. XMPie Marketplace is a convenient and cost-effective source of creatively designed templates which are ready for stylized personalization and result in eye-catching and impactful communication pieces. XMPie Marketplace was created as a way to provide XMPie customers with the necessary materials to jump start their personalization projects. It gives customers that may not have the resources to design their own templates the option of purchasing the materials needed to efficiently produce extraordinary personalized marketing pieces.

XMPie was founded with a vision to integrate the world of print and electronic media and make it easier for customers to create and produce personalized communications.

With XMPie solutions, effective personalized communication becomes not only a high response rate proposition, but also a cost-effective business strategy with attractive ROI.

XMPie provides powerful, variable data publishing software that unites customer databases and creative content to help print service providers, marketing service firms, and small-to-medium sized businesses and enterprises, leverage customer data and create personalized, multiphase campaigns that use today’s communication vehicles including print, web, e-mail, and mobile. XMPie is the only company offering such an extensive, and integrated product line to the dynamic publishing community. All XMPie products share underlying technologies, allowing a seamless collaboration and migration path as your needs grow.

XMPie employs state-of-the-art technologies, via powerful objects model using PostScript or PDF as the foundation. Such object oriented VDP computing technologies are critical for achieving non-compromising creative capabilities. With XMPie, highly creative works that desktop publishing enable can now be achieved in variable data publishing jobs. XMPie software solutions fully exploit the unique edge that “Object Oriented VDP” languages offer and opens the door to WYSIWYG variable data publishing.