CHRISTMAS COOKIES Print & Email Bundle


CHRISTMAS COOKIES Print & Email Bundle

  • $349.00

These images are available as templates and when used with XMPie uImage software, can create an unlimited number of personalized images.

Personalization details: The recipient's name is written on an old document.

Adobe: Adobe CC 2021
XMPie: uDirect 10.2 and up, PE 10.2 and up

Template File: Photoshop

High-Res: 6048 x 3402 pixels, 20.16” x 11.34”, 51.21 cm x 28.8 cm  @ 300 dpi
Low-Res: 1452 x 816 pixels, 20.167" x 11.333", 51.22 cm  x 28.79 cm @ 72 dpi
Email: 1452 x 726 pixels, 20.167” x 10.083”, 51.22 cm x 25.61 cm @ 72 dpi

Download Size (MB): Print: 152 MB 

Print Version Datasheet
Email Version Datasheet

Christmas Cookies Red Green Spoon Spoons Tree Branch Ornament Ornaments Orange Dried Pine Cone Cute Frosting White Grey Board Bow Cinnamon Snow Flake Flakes Cold Holiday Ginger Bread Food Brown 100860 100861

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