Domino / 100788


Domino / 100788

  • $249.00

This image is available as a template and when used with XMPie uImage software, can create an unlimited number of personalized images.

Personalization details: First name only, last name only, or both first and last name, depending on the length of the names

Adobe: Adobe CC 2016
XMPie: uDirect 8.2.2 and up, PE 8.2.2 and up

Template File: Photoshop

High-Res: 3774 x 2480 pixels, 12.6" x 8.3", 32cm x 21cm @ 300 dpi
Low-Res: 906 x 595 pixels, 12.6" x 8.3", 32cm x 21cm @ 72 dpi

Download Size (MB): 84.94MB

Font type: Image Font

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Block Build Chain Dot Fun Game Dice Leisure Tiles Toy Stone Squence 100788

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