Gobi Desert / 100819


Gobi Desert / 100819

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Personalization details: The recipient's name is dug in the desert sand.

Adobe: Adobe CC 2018
XMPie: uDirect 9.6 and up, PE 9.6 and up

Template File: Photoshop

High-Res: 7952 x 5304 pixels 26.507” x 17.68” 67.33 cm x 44.91 cm @ 300 dpi
Low-Res: 1908 x 1273 pixels, 26.5" x 17.681", 67.31 cm x 44.91 cm @ 72 dpi

Download Size (MB): 488 MB

Fonts, not included: NipCen's Handwriting Bold

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gobi desert sand heat hot warm yellow sky dune dunes camel camels sandy mountain mountains travel wander wanderer gold golden 100819

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