Lake Sunset / 100773


Lake Sunset / 100773

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This image is available as a template and when used with XMPie uImage software, can create an unlimited number of personalized images.

Personalization details: The recipient’s first name appears written on a wooden deck overlooking a lake at sunset.

Adobe: Adobe CC 2015
XMPie: uDirect 7.5.1 and up, PE 7.5.1 and up

Template File: Photoshop

High-Res: 5118 x 3631 pixels, 17.1" x 12.1", 43.3cm x 30.7cm @ 300 dpi
Low-Res: 1228 x 871 pixels, 17.1" x 12.1", 43.3cm x 30.7cm @ 72 dpi

Download Size (MB): 225.15MB

Fonts, not included: Lorimer No2 Stencil

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Beach Cloud Island Lake Landscapes Minimalism Minimalist Nature Parkland Quay Relax Relaxation Rest Sea Serenity Summer Sun Sundown Sunrise Sunset Tropical Vacation Walk Water Wave 100773

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