Snowboard Rider Resting / 100411


Snowboard Rider Resting / 100411

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Personalization details: Full name on a Snowboard

Adobe: Adobe CC 2014
XMPie: uDirect 7.2.1 and up, PE 7.2.1 and up

Template File: Photoshop

High-Res: 3888 x 2592 pixels, 13" x 8.6", 32.9cm x 21.9cm @ 300 dpi
Low-Res: 1000 x 667 pixels, 13.9" x 9.3", 35.3cm x 23.5cm @ 72 dpi

Download Size (MB): 117.34MB

Fonts, not included: Broad

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Adrenalin Athletic Buck Cold Daring Extreme Fast Fly Freeride Fun Helmet Highland Jump Jumper Landscape Mountain Outdoor Outdoors Rest Resting Rider Risk Ski Skier Skiing Snow Snowboard Snowy Sport Sports Sunny Vacation Winter Winter Sports Young 100411

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