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We’re excited to introduce feature-filled ready-made uStore NG store templates to the XMPie Marketplace. These new uStore NG themes will help you hit the ground running and grow your business. It’s the fastest way to get started selling print online. Simply download the theme’s zip file, upload it to uStore and get customizing! Each theme is mobile-optimized and comes with heaps of customizable features and stylish elements. 

StoreFlow already comes with the default AquaBlue uStore NG theme which you can customize to create different stores for your clients. You can also edit the CSS code directly via the Theme Editor, or use the store’s HTML and code files to change the look and feel of each storefront more impactfully or by adding specific features. 

Taking this flexibility even further, you can develop your themes by placing custom code in the HTML pages, perhaps by adding a cross-sell panel to the homepage, replacing the header banner with a slider or by adding a new FAQ page.

Need more functionality than AquaBlue but don’t have the time or resources to develop your own theme? Go with the fastest option and find a ready-made uStore NG theme from our Marketplace that matches your desired functionality and feature-sets. 

Currently, we’ve added three predesigned themes to choose from, and there are more on the way. A licensed header banner is included with each unique theme and you can use the theme to build as many online stores as you want. 

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